Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Up, Up, Up The Mountain!

Second Attempt to Beacon Point on the Verdi Range

I had made this attempt from the other side of the mountain in my pretty 2016 F150 and decided to not risk the paint job. This time I took the Beater Bronco! Aaaand I still couldn't get to the top! The access road I chose, the one on the East side of the peak was fully overgrown and impossible to use. So I stopped at about 6,800 feet and snapped a few cell phone shots. Then I backed down a narrow trail to the last turn around, which was a 1/4 of a mile behind me. That was fun!

I climbed about 1200 feet over 4.5 Miles in about 40 mins.

This is the Northeastern view of Verdi in the foreground and Reno in the background.

This is the Northern view from the trail.

Smoke and smog made for a hazy sunset. I am pleased to report that the Bronco did great! There was nothing I did that even remotely challenged it and 90% of the drive was done in 2WD. The 4WD section was probably a 2 on the difficulty scale, but not bad for a stock 26 year old Bronco! I did Baja speeds down the service road and rattled the snot out of it. Lot's of fun, lots of dust in the cab, but no damage, no over heating, no issues with the tires. Just some desert pinstripes.

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