Tuesday, May 26, 2020

A New Home For My Buns!

Corbeau in the Bronco!

I decided I was tired of staring at my brand new Corbeau Sport Seats I got for my Bighorn Cruiser Project and I was equally tired of the smell of the factory Bronco seats! So I ordered some brackets for the Bronco and bolted them in! I also wired up the seat heaters.

I wired the heating modules to the power lumbar connection all proper like. I clipped the connector off the factor seat, soldered and heat shrunk the connections, then wrapped em up with some electrician's tape before stuffing them into a loom. There is a lot of extra wire that I'll probably do a round two with to get it cleaned up more once I get the carpet and Tuffy center console.

 A hole saw made very quick work of the wholes I needed for the seat hear switches.

I am pleased with the results! I took them on a 3 hour drive and was completely comfortable.

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